Carrie has a fascination with science and a love for people. As a proud nurse of nearly 20 years she holds a bachelors in Science and Nursing and a masters degree in communication.  Carrie has been honored to be active in governmental affairs advocating for nurses and for women's and children's health issues and was a past Editor in Chief for the RN Idaho Newsletter with over 25,000 readership.  She currently practices as an IBCLC in private practice and is a program manager for the women’s and children’s service lines at St. Lukes Health System in Idaho.  She enjoys working to make large scale changes to improve the environment for breastfeeding mothers and their families while also working one on one with mothers to help them reach their personal breastfeeding goals.

      Propelled by the incredible science of human milk and the ingenuity that mothers use to nurture and breastfeed their children in an often adversarial environment, she aims to use her skills & experiences to improve the culture and environment of breastfeeding for Idahoans while serving on the Idaho Breastfeeding Coalition Board. Carrie loves spending time with her two children and her husband and can often be found behind the cover of a good book, doing something creative or playing in the mountains.

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