Our 5 Focus Areas

  • #1 Legislative

    A. Licensure for IBCLC’s

  • #2 Idaho Breastfeeding Research

    A. University Supported Research to Define:

      a. Gaps in Continuity of Care between birth and home

      b. Gaps between initiation rates and 6 month rates

      c. Research on Coalition recognition as a breastfeeding support system available in Idaho 

  • #3 Coalition Support of Breastfeeding as a Norm

    A. Supporting access to all mothers/families for breastfeeding transitions and support

      a. WIC support in the hospitals   

      b. Telehealth options for mothers who desire online support or are rural

      c. Distribution of resources for collaboration between birthing places and pediatricians, physical therapists, and other resources

      d. NICU breastfeeding discharge support- increasing breastfeeding rates at discharge and beyond

    B. Business Friendly Designation to 200 businesses in Idaho by 2020

      a. Finding businesses, Sending out clings and certificates, Listing them on the website and in Summit materials

      b. Collaboration with Idaho Hunger Summit

    C. Media Support with focus on different audiences

      a. Website

     b. Facebook posts weekly

     c. Instagram posts weekly

  • #4 Community Outreach & Education about the Coalition AND Breastfeeding

    A. Annual Breastfeeding Summit

      a. Even years in Boise

      b. Odd years in other locations B. List of Events to be create for IBC representation around the state

    C. Creation of Educational Resources and Using them

      a. Professional Presentations

      b. Accurate website and other Representation of Idaho Breastfeeding Resources for professionals and families

      c. Local Papers/News Releases   d. Creation of Booth Items to be readily available

    1. Representation at Outdoor/Park Events

    2. Representation at Indoor Events

  • #5 Support of National Items of Interest

    A. Representation at the USBC 1. Coalition to sponsor 2 registrations The USBC will host the of Interest yearly from the state of Idaho to attend the USBC

    2. IBC to receive a report from those attendees in the August Coalition meeting

    B. Review at our Quarterly IBC meetings how we are Responding to the Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding


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