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The Idaho Breastfeeding Coalition is pleased to promote breastfeeding friendly businesses.  By allowing women to breastfeed on your business premise you are helping provide optimal feeding for our youngest Idahoans.

92.9% of mothers in Idaho initiate breastfeeding.   When new mothers leave the familiarity of their home with their new baby they are sometimes overwhelmed with where they might comfortably feed their little one.  One of the most important aspects to successful breastfeeding is community support when they must breastfeed away from home.

We invite you to support breastfeeding women:


  1. Display a “This business is breastfeeding friendly.” cling on your window.

  2. Welcome women who may need to breastfeed in your business.

  3. Share with employees the meaning of this window cling designation and the store’s policy to welcome breastfeeding mothers, especially when they need to breastfeed a child on your premises. 

  4. Consider including on your website and your social media platforms that your business is Breastfeeding Friendly.  


Please fill out the contact form to let us know you are implementing these steps and that you would like to be designated as a Breastfeeding Friendly Business by displaying a “This business is breastfeeding friendly.” window cling. The information from the form will allow us to mail the window cling to you. Let us know if you want us to include your business name on the Idaho Breastfeeding Coalition website as a Breastfeeding Friendly Business.


In addition, if you have not already developed a policy for breastfeeding employees, please consider doing so.  For resources and examples click here.

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