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Mary's Story

My name is Mary and my journey with my firstborn, Ollivander, started out like so many other mothers I know.


Breastfeeding for me in the beginning was very uncomfortable but since it was my first time, I was at a loss for what it was “supposed” to feel like. I was also very hesitant to ever say it was painful (even though looking back now, I know it was). A couple of days after he was born, our lactationist visited us at home (so extremely thankful for this) and let us know that our son likely had a lip and tongue tie. Thanks to my IBCLC, I was able to get a sense of what breastfeeding was meant to feel like and how the discomfort/pain I was feeling was not normal. 


Through many IBCLC appointments and many sleepless nights, my husband and I finally made the decision to get Ollie’s tongue and lip tie revised. Directly following his revision my husband had to leave on a business trip. He was gone for three days and those first 3-5 days after the revision were so difficult. Not only were the exercises I needed to do hard to do because of how much Ollie hated them and how much I felt like I was torturing him, but he was just so fussy, and my husband was away. Thankfully I had my IBCLC who helped me through the entire revision. They helped me understand when I wasn’t doing the exercises correctly and listened to me cry and vent about how awful it felt. 


Fast forward through the revision healing process (it went great! Ollie healed beautifully and we got into a great rhythm with the exersizes) and we were loving breastfeeding. I was thankful through the whole process that my flow was such that Ollie never struggled with weight or nutrition and we never had to supplement with formula. Breastfeeding became something I totally looked forward to and enjoyed.


Now, at 14 months, as I lay here feeding my baby (I don’t think we ever get through a feeding session nowadays without some booty bouncing, as is pictured), who’s not so baby anymore, I am reminded of my beautiful, strengthening, and loving journey with feeding my baby. I’ve never been through something so challenging, rewarding, and confusing as labour, but breastfeeding is sure a close second! I am sure that I would have never had the success that I did had it not been for the amazing team of women I had by my side, especially my IBCLC. I can’t recommend to the women in my life enough that they see one BEFORE their baby is born. Having that relationship formed before the hardship came was crucial. I am so thankful to be able to give my baby all of the nutrition, emotional connections, and assuredness that comes from breastfeeding; and although the success of that comes from within me, it would not have been possible without my support. Thank you to IBCLC’s everywhere. Your work is immeasurable.

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