To highlight breastfeeding excellence in the state of Idaho, the Idaho Breastfeeding Coalition has created an annual award to recognize an individual who fulfills the Mission and Vision of the IBC. The annual award will be presented to individuals who demonstrate leadership, dedication and compassion for breastfeeding families within the state.

The creation of the award was inspired by Dr. Jane Grassley's lifelong contributions and commitment to breaking down barriers to breastfeeding. Through her research and leadership, she has touched the lives of many and shaped the career path of numerous professionals.

The award is to acknowledge an individual who has shown exceptional dedication and leadership to promote, support, and protect breastfeeding and break down the barriers to breastfeeding in Idaho.

Nominate an individual in your Idaho community that has shown this kind of
leadership and dedication. The Board Members of the Idaho Breastfeeding Coalition will determine the annual recipient and the award will be presented at the Idaho Breastfeeding Summit.


This year, IBC would like to create an additional award to acknowledge a group of breastfeeding leaders who show exceptional leadership and outstanding professional contribution in shaping lactation support and leadership in their community. This group may be actively involved or collaborate with community resources, while providing lactation protection, promotion, and support. They contribute to the improvement of breastfeeding, encourage, and inspire others to learn and develop best practices in helping new families. They take initiative and are responsible for improving lactation services to new families. Nominate the team of breastfeeding leaders in your community for the Exemplary Professional Leaders Award.

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In 2004, Dr. Jane Grassley wrote her dissertation on Understanding Maternal Breastfeeding Confidence, a subject matter that illuminated throughout her career. In a number of publications, honors and awards received on topics ranging from a grandmother's role in supporting breastfeeding to supporting adolescents in childbirth, nurturing breastfeeding confidence has been a common theme in her research. A theme that shines in her love and passion for the new family and has made her the mentor she is today.
Dr. Grassley graduated from University of Oklahoma School of Nursing in 1974; she then traveled the US furthering her education and deepening her passion to nurture and support breastfeeding mothers, babies and families. She pursued a Masters in Maternal Child Nursing from University of Washington, Theological Studies from Fuller Seminary in Seattle WA and later a PhD in Nursing from Texas Women's University.
Dr. Grassley moved to the Northwest in 2010, and joined the faculty at Boise State University School of Nursing. She is now professor of nursing and the Jody DeMeyer Endowed Chair inNursing. She holds a joint appointment with Women’s Services at St. Luke’s Regional HealthSystem where she collaborates with the hospitals’ lactation consultants to develop researchand evidence-based practice projects that support breastfeeding.
As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) for 20 years, her research has focused on areas related to promoting and supporting breastfeeding. Her current researchfocuses on the uses of mobile technologies in facilitating community support for mother’sbreastfeeding a late preterm or early term infant. Her focus is always invested in understanding how we can nurture mothers’ breastfeeding confidence.

Award Selection Process and Application

Nominations for both Awards will be open until May 1, 2022. The Idaho Breastfeeding Coalition Board Members will make the selection and the recipients will be awarded at the 2022 Idaho Breastfeeding Summit.

Submit your nomination form online below or download the form and email us at: Idahobreastfeeding@gmail.com 

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Past Award Recipients:

2018- Jane Grassley
2019- Cindy Galloway
2020- Delayed due to COVID-19
2021- Pattie Hennequin