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Looking for Breastfeeding support and wondering what all of these letters mean?

There are a lot of different types of breastfeeding specialists. Here's the difference in some of the most common certifications that you may see.


IBCLC - International Board Certified Lactation Consultant The highest level of lactation certification. 

It requires up to 1,000 hours of clinical hands on lactation training, 95 hours of lactation specific education, a list of required science courses and passing an international certification exam. 

Maintaining the certification includes: continuing education requirements in lactation;

Recertification every 5 years. Holding this certification provides the ability to handle more complex breastfeeding scenarios.


CBS - Certified Breastfeeding Specialist-

Applicant must complete the 95+ hour Lactation Consultant Training Program, as well as the 52+ hour Core Lactation Consultant Course. Has passed the exam for these courses, and they have demonstrated the competencies and skills required to provide counseling, and breastfeeding support. Requires recertification every   5 years.


CLC - Certified Lactation Educator – Has completed a 52+ hour course and competency verification in breastfeeding. Valid for 5 years.  


CLC - Certified Lactation Counselor – Completed a 45 + hour course and competency verification in breastfeeding.  Valid for 3 years.  

*Disclaimer: The Idaho Breastfeeding Coalition cannot be held liable for the practices of providers listed on our resource page.  It is for informational resource purposes only. Providers listed in this directory, unless otherwise indicated, charge a fee for their services. Some have a sliding scale, and some accept insurances. The credentials listed after their names are listed as the individual requested and described. None have been verified by the IBC.

If you have concerns about a provider on this listing, please contact us However, the IBC is not responsible for their practice and does not offer legal counsel. 

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