Maddix and his Mama's Story

When my son Maddix was very first born, he latched like a pro right off the bat. I had zero issues in the hospital and I was so excited to go home and be able to nurse. Like a lot of new moms, when I was pregnant I had fears that he wouldn’t latch correctly or that I wouldn’t produce enough milk to feed him.


The first couple of days home were probably the toughest part of my breast feeding journey. I felt like I was not producing enough milk (because my milk hadn’t come in yet) and that I was starving my child.


With encouragement from my mom, and my childhood best friend I pushed on and was able to successfully breast feed my son for his first 9 months of life. Breastfeeding definitely strengthened our bond and has solidified the fact that I am his safe space and his comfort.


When my breast feeding journey ended it was bitter sweet. I got Covid and I didn’t want to risk nursing and getting him sick. I tried to keep up with pumping, but I was too exhausted. My supply dropped and I decided for my mental health I was done. I had a love hate relationship with breast feeding at that time. I loved the bonding time with my son and the feeling of knowing I was giving him what he needed but I also hated feeling of being tied down. I felt that I couldn’t get the breaks I needed to be able to recharge and I was struggling to pump at work.


In the end, I decided weaning was what was best for me. I cherish those memories and the time and we had together. Breast feeding can be such a physically and mentally exhausting journey. But I wouldn’t change my journey for anything.